SEDS – India

SEDS was founded in 1980 by Rajen Joshua and Manil Jayasena as a grassroots development NGO, motivated by the desire to help the poorest of the poor in the drought-prone area of Ananthapur District in Andhra Pradesh.

Partners in Aid’s partnership with SEDS began in 1992 with an integrated re-afforestation program which mobilised community groups in the revegetation of the “Barren Hills”. The Barren Hills are once again green and the Partners in Aid/SEDS partnership has also flourished. From the early days of funding tank (dam) de-silting, watershed management and revegetation, Partners in Aid has seen SEDS work extend to education, health, women’s empowerment and vocational training programmes as an integrated part of their community development work.

Partners in Aid has funded the de-silting of 3–4 tanks each year since 1992. More recently we have been able to fund an innovative low carbon funding project, enabling poor farmers to trade carbon credits on the word market, as well as a tailoring project providing life skills to village women.

SEDS has been at the forefront of development work in India and Partners in Aid has been proud to be a major supporter of its work for three decades.

You can watch a wonderful video about SEDS at this link.

Child sponsorship

A child sponsorship program was established with SEDS in late 1994, when visiting board members recognised that the majority of the children did not attend school at all. Sponsorship of a child covers expenses including books, uniforms, shoes, school fees, monthly visits to SEDS for cultural and sporting activities and health checks.

Partners in Aid’s major project of watershed management has been undertaken in the villages where children were selected to become part of the sponsorship program.

We have also been able to support school development projects including clean water, toilets and trees through special donations by sponsors and other donors.

Many disadvantaged students obtaining a Year 10 pass certificate are now financially supported to complete their education. Observing these young people coming home to their villages by bus from college is a new experience. Partners in Aid and our supporters are making a difference in the lives of these young people.


Annual report (sustainable agriculture) 2022.

Annual report (child sponsorship) 2022.