ABWU – India

The All Bengal Women’s Union (ABWU) of Kolkata has been operating for over 70 years. Partners in Aid has been supporting the ABWU for more than 40 years. The ABWU is an NGO run entirely by volunteer women to rescue abused, at risk, destitute, abandoned and orphaned girls. Many do not even know their birth name or age. It is common for them to have no experience or memory of family care. Many need intensive therapy and rehabilitation in order to be able to begin the process of healing and leading ‘normal’ lives.

Although their living standards are at very basic levels, ABWU attempts to provide a safe family environment with girls living in dormitories with house mothers. They are provided with care tailored to their specific circumstances and backgrounds.

The children’s home provides not only shelter and support for these girls, but also provides basic education and a daily meal for children from nearby slums. It is hoped that most of these girls can lead ‘normal’ lives after they leave the home at around 18 years of age. Some girls do remain in an after care home to receive further rehabilitation and training if it is not possible for them to leave the home.

Partners In Aid supports ABWU in two main areas:

  • Sponsorship – We operate a sponsorship program whereby our supporters can sponsor individual girls and receive reports on their progress.
  • Projects – Partners in Aid provides funding for equipment, supplies and instructors for several vocational projects such as weaving, machine knitting and cutting and tailoring. Partners in Aid funding also contributes to such things as remedial tuition, special needs care and trips for children to experience life outside the Kolkata urban environment.

It is hard to imagine children in more need than these. It is particularly rewarding for us to know that we can assist ABWU in providing a safe environment and the tools necessary for the children to become self-supportive and self-reliant young women.


Annual report 2022.