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Partners In Aid undertakes community development projects in conjunction with local NGO’s in India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

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ABWU - India

ABWU – India

The All Bengal Women’s Union (ABWU) home in Calcutta has been operating for over 70 years and supported by Partners in Aid for more than 40 years. It is an NGO run entirely by volunteer women to rescue abused, at risk, destitute, abandoned and orphaned girls. Many need intensive therapy and rehabilitation in order to be able to begin the process of healing and leading ‘normal’ lives.

SEDS - India

SEDS – India

We work with the Social Education and Development Society (SEDS) in India to educate communities and help protect natural resources with water management and reforestation programs. Partners in Aid commenced a Child Sponsorship program in conjunction with SEDS in southern India in 1995. Many of the local children were disadvantaged with no access to education.

Symbiosis - Bangladesh

Symbiosis – Bangladesh

For more than a decade Partners in Aid has worked with Symbiosis in Bangladesh on two projects which aim to build the capacity, resilience and socio-economic status of impoverished communities in one of the poorest countries in the world. The Bangladesh Technical Training and Information Support (TTIS) Program provides vocational training in sewing, with the majority of participants being women. The Jamuna River Development Project (JRDP) aims to help communities living on islands in the Jamuna River through education, improved literacy, micro-finance and health projects.

What we do

We work in assisting disadvantaged communities mainly in the Indian subcontinent to have a better life, through community development, education, skills training and enhancing the status of women.

Drink to their good health

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